Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A la Project...

Soooo not much to report really, we has been doing lots of training on some wood over the past week, and have had a few days at the Tor working on the Weedkiller/Chimes linkup, pretty close to this ol rig now and pumped to try get it done tomorrow. Hoping for some more cold temps. Yeahh!
Managed to do a bit of bouldering in between sessions on the linkup too, doing Weedkiller Footless and a few other things round the place. Also went down Rubicon last Sunday with hammered elbows but managed to get Zippy's little addition 'The Wimp'pretty quick.
Grim weather out there today so its been a couple hours on a le beastmaker and plenty of cruising round on thee web. And that iz about it all I reckons.

Peacee and lovee and things x

Have a gander at this...

POU ANAIAK - PANAROMA 8C (webclip) from Jordi Canyigueral on Vimeo.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Lime Crushage!

So unbelievably syked right now! Had a well dope session on the lime today, getting a couple of really cool ticks. First up was a trip down the WCJ Cornice and bagging 'Yorkshire 8b' F8a then we bombed it round to Tideswell Dale were I was able to get Ben Moons old scool route 'Culloden' F8a+ done! BOOOYAA!

Both routes are basically boulder problems but Culloden more so being just a couple of hard pulls on good but small holds. Around Font 7c ish. Really stoked about this one! Vengaa!

This last week has been pretty sweet as far as climbing goes really. Been back down the Chee Dale cornice yet again, continuing the siege like (Yes it is still dry comrades). Started work on 'Nemesis' Monday and was able to get the moves dialed super quick, and then Wednesday wasn't fair off getting the beast, so it could be game on next sesh. JC had a close one on Christians new 'Bricktop' F8b midweek and then sent yesterday. Props to you brother!

Back to college next week, bad times, but still gona have plenty of time to get some more proojects done. A Muerte!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Mixed Bag

Had a sesh at the WCJ cornice yesterday, but after having four days off! the longest time spent without actually climbing all summer, was feeling a bit rusty. Training on the board no way near makes up for getting out on the rock. Anyway once we'd got going it wasn't to shabby and after dodging the monsoon showers I got on the Yorkshire 8b. Had a few naff efforts, before getting some very good new beta off Caff, which makes the move soooo much easier man. So am syked for getting back on it next week!
And today ended up just being a few hours at the wall. Hoping to do some rebolting in the coming week down the Dale, so we iz well keen for that. I hear its pretty soggy down there at the moment :( bad times! Lets hope it dries out some....

Anyway heres a teaser for the forthcoming 2010 Reel Rock Film Tour, which looks totally incredible! Check it out!

Friday, 10 September 2010

New Blog

So yeah a new blog up people, keeping you up to date on all the latest goings off and info on whats been going down. This year has without a doubt been my best year climbing ever, which is partly down to the summer being prehaps the driest we've had in years, culminating in climbing shed loads in Chee Dale, taking advantage of the uber dry Cornice. Had some amazing sessions down here with a really good scene and crew and sent lots of really cool routes.
The Water-Cum-Jolly Cornice has also seen super dry conditions and over the last few weeks we've been working and sending routes here, to escape the Dale of Chee's crowds. Hoping to hit this place up again at the weekend.
Done a couple of comps this year also, one being CWIF at thee Works and the other an Open Youth event up at EICA Ratho in Edinburgh. Good times man
Also took a trip to Wales early on in the summer, doing some trad at Gogarth and in the Pass, along with a trip a couple weeks back to Yorkshire! We camped for a few nights and managed to get loads done at Gordale, Malham and Kilnsey. Really syked to get back up there sometime soon!

Sooo super briefly thats covered the adventures of the summer. Temps are starting to cool now meaning its getting to that time of year for some Tor action and then quite stoked to get some cool grit done this winter. Syked man!